2-ant.system Centurion Stead Flat RF 8,2 MHz (TX+RX+PSU)

2-ant.system Centurion Stead Flat RF 8,2 MHz (TX+RX+PSU)
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Radio Frequency (RF) 8.2 MHz  Electronic Article Surveillance System

Radio Frequency (RF) 8.2 MHz
Antenna design:
Elegant aluminium profile with Plexiglas
Can be used as an ad panel - to insert a shop advert

Perfect detection of all RF 8.2 MHz protecting elements
Suitable for all types of shops

- built-in customer counter with Internet browsing in a program in Czech, English and Polish
- built-in detection of tinfoil, metal and magnets, discreetly warning shop staff of a pager or stroboscope
- possibility of remote service via Internet
Antenna dimensions and weight:
Antenna Dimensions: 1 539 x 370 x 50 mm
Base Dimensions:   390 x 68 mm
Inserted ad dimensions: 1523 x 338 x 2 mm
Antenna weight: 3,7 kg (TX 3,65 kg, RX 3,74 kg)

Basic Configuration:
2-antenna (TX + RX), i.e. one transmitter antenna (TX) and one receiver antenna (RX); the detection field is between the antennae.

Expanded configuration:
For wider passages, the system can be expanded by alternately adding additional antennas, such as 3-antenna (RX + TX + RX) or 4-antenna (TX + RX + TX + RX), etc.

Kit contents (this system configuration):
1 pc transmitting antenna (TX)
1 pc receiving antenna (RX)
1 pc power supply unit 230VAC/24VDC 2,7 A (PSU)

Detection distances, passage width:
up to 160 cm for labels between antennas
up to 180 cm for hard tags between antennas
maximum detection distance in ideal undisturbed environment



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