How to Order

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Expert help in choosing the right items
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure about your choice and need help choosing the optimal system and components for your project, our specialists will be happy to help you with the selection and recommend the right items !

Shipping and payment

 Country  Carrier  Payment
 Czech Republic and Slovakia  PPL  bank transfer, credit card, COD (cash on delivery)
 Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and other EU countries  UPS  bank transfer, credit card
 Countries outside the EU  UPS  bank transfer, credit card


 Your business and delivery address  You are a VAT payer (valid VAT number according to VIES )  VAT rate
 Czech Republic  Yes  21 %
 Czech Republic  No  21 %
 EU countries  Yes  0 % (Reverse charge)
 EU countries  No  21 %
 Countries outside the EU  No  0 %


Delivery period
Goods are usually shipped within 2-10 days.
Standard delivery time is indicated on each item.
Most of the standard items are permanently ex-stock.
In the case of multiple large orders, delivery times may  be longer for some items, so we recommend ordering them in advance and, if delivery or installation of some items are required by certain date, we recommend to arrange for the required deadline in advance.

Warranty period
The standard warranty period is 1 year, for some items then 2, 3, or up to 5 years.
In the case of used equipment it is usually 6 months.
The warranty terms and conditions are governed by the General Terms and Conditions and the Warranty Claim Guidelines.
Individual warranty terms and conditions can be agreed upon on the basis of an individual contract.

Project preparation
We provide project preparation (component placement, cabling).

We perform professional installations with our own employees or through by us trained technicians of our business partners.

We provide training for shop personnel and companies installer technicians.

We provide contractual warranty and post-warranty service.